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Mission Statement -

It is our mission to raise a farm fresh product and provide it to the local community.  We want our customers to have the ability to meet the farmer who raises the food that we sell and confidently consume the items.  We take pride in our growing habits, as well as the freshness of the food that we sell at Lowrey's Farm Market.  We want to share our ability to raise fresh produce and beef with the rest of the community, and we want them to be satisfied consumers in the end.  


John Lowrey
Co-Owner- Lowrey Farms

As the 3rd generation owner of Lowrey Farms, John has continued the proud family tradition of growing quality agricultural products. John has continually expanded the presence of Lowrey Farms within Georgia and the Southeast region.  Being a successful farmer does not come easy.  Hard work, education, and a desire to stay on the cutting edge of agricultural innovations require immense dedication and drive.  While growing up in a farming family gave John a solid work ethic and knowledge of the intricacies of farm operations, he expanded upon that foundation earning a Bachelor Degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Georgia. 
John knows that a successful life requires more than just operating a successful business.  John has, and continues to be involved in the community both on a county and state level.  John has held the offices of both Co-Vice President and President of the Floyd County Farm Bureau (a division of the Georgia Farm Bureau).  John is a member of the National Corn Growers Association and the Cattlemen's Association.  As well as serving two years on the Georgia Farm Bureau Young Farmers State Committee. 

In his own words:
"I take pride in starting each spring with a bare field and watching a seed grow into a large plant that is harvested to essentially be a part of feeding the world.  I fully understand the world population growth, now and in the future, and I want to be a part of sustaining that demand."

Ivy LowreyCo-Owner and CEO - Lowrey’s Farm Market

After John and Ivy were married, Ivy became an integral part of the farming operation.  In 2004, Ivy became co-owner and CEO of Lowrey's Farm Market.  Together, Ivy and John have worked to offer quality fruits, vegetables, and beef to the community.  With a Bachelor Degree in Family, Child, and Consumer Science from Florida State University, Ivy has incorporated her love of family and community with offering healthy food choices to the consumer.  Ivy is very active in the community both on a county and state level.  Ivy is on the Board of Directors for the Floyd County Farm Bureau (a division of the Georgia Farm Bureau), as well as having served two years on the Georgia Farm Bureau Young Farmers State Committee.  Ivy continually works throughout the community in both agricultural education and community involvement in farming.  Ivy is the event coordinator of the Great Valley Exposition and the Farm to Table dinner held annually at the Lowrey Farm.

In her own words:  "I farm because I enjoy raising a quality product and providing that to the consumer.  I like seeing them satisfied and coming back for more.  Farming life gives us the opportunity to provide for our family, offer healthy foods to the community, and raise our children in a wholesome environment." 

Lowrey Farms - History of the Farm

Lowrey Farms was established in 1946 in Armuchee, Georgia by John's grandfather, Sidney Lowrey.  Sidney started the farm after sharecropping for another land owner, saving money to purchase his own land.  The farm Sidney started consisted of 407 acres located in Armuchee.  The farm started with the production of corn and cotton, later expanding with a purebred Angus herd.  As time went on, and circumstances arose, the original farm land was sold.  However, the tradition of Lowrey Farms continued through the dedication and hard work of John's father, Sam Lowrey.  Sam successfully continued the farm in Armuchee, expanding both its land holdings and its quality agricultural products.
Lowrey Farms continues to thrive today through the efforts of John, his wife Ivy, and their two sons, Julian and George.  John started his own farm in 1993.  While John and his father work alongside each other, they each contribute to the tradition of Lowrey Farms with their own farms.  Overall, the combined farms consist of approximately 1250 acres of corn and soybeans, 200 head calf/cow operation, and 15 acres of fresh produce.  John's farm won the State 'No Till' Corn Yield award in 2011 and placed 3rd in 2012.  John and Ivy added Lowrey's Farm Market, offering fresh produce straight to the consumer, in 2004.  The Farm Market expanded both the farm operation and the connectivity to the community. 
The Lowrey's live and farm in Armuchee, Georgia and are members of Floyd Springs Baptist Church.

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